Vice President – Technology Operations

Spring 2021
 Company:  Pseudo-Nym  Job Category:  Technology
 Location:  Virtual, USA  Relevant Work Experience:  15+ years
 Reports To:  CEO  Career Level:  Executive
 Status:  Full Time, Employee  Education Level:  Bachelor's Degree

Purpose/Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish a production architecture
  • Acquire and manage all technology required to operate the business; including, processing, communications, core services,  and  business applications
  • In coordination with the Vice President of Product Assurance, address problems discovered in production
  • Oversee Capacity Management and Planning
  • In conjunction with the VP-Communications establish and maintain policies and procedures related to the scope of duties
  • Identify, acquire, and implement tools and methods to support the scope of duties
  • In conjunction with the CFO, manage vendors that support technology operations
  • In conjunction with the Vice-President – Compliance, Security and Risk Management, take warranted action as directed
  • May work virtually


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Production Operations

  • Manage the implementation of all  external products and internal custom applications
  • Coordinate with the Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President - Sales to manage operations requirements
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance to achieve effective change management
  • Conduct appropriate configuration management of production components
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to manage issues identified in the quality process
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to manage problems identified in the production
  • Manage all non -core services
  • Provide Demo Sites / Client Portals as needed by Sales
  • Support documentation Wiki
  • Support CRM, accounting, Email, Calendar, Share and other off-the-shelf business applications
  • Manage Core Service for Scale, Security & Reliability
  • Operationalize Deployment: Deployment Initiation & Closure   
  • Operationalize PKI
  • Deploy HSM’s
  • Operationalize Client Portals     
  • Scale OCSP
  • Plan for Global Deployments
  • Implement and scale retail service
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to produce product documentation


Capacity Management         

  • Plan for peak registrations and usage
  • Collect users GMT to determine the time they will use their credentials
  • Maintain EOQ  (efficient order quantity) for capacity increases
  • Maintain market lead time information to support timely ordering
  • Maintain usage and capacity measurements and forecast needs


Requisite Education/Experience:

  • Minimum of fifteen years’ experience in It Service technology operations management
  • Bachelor’s degree (technical degree a plus)
  • Fluent English
  • Excellent architectural and organizational skills
  • Proficient in PROJECT


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