Chief Technology Officer


The CTO role is critical for our service.  We are looking for a seasoned technical manager that can be an engineer and a technician as well as manage a team.  We need an experienced problem solver that has the drive to see the vision for our service, can resolve technical challenges with elegant solutions and implement our service with the highest degree of reliability and scalability.

 Company:  Pseudo-Nym  Job Category:  Technology
 Location:  Virtual, USA  Relevant Work Experience:  15+ years
 Reports To:  CEO  Career Level:  Executive
 Status:  Full Time, Employee  Education Level:  Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

Purpose/Key Responsibilities: (Mission of job/General area of responsibility):

  • Design the fundamental architecture of our service with a plan for scale and a global deployment.
  • Implement a highly available, scalable and managed solution.  This includes starting from a relatively clean slate to implement an operationally sound, secure and scalable architecture   to support a high volume transaction service. 
  • Establish a production architecture with service level agreements and a high degree of operational monitoring. 
  • Acquire and manage all technology required to operate the core service of our business; including multi cloud services, open source and commercial products for platform management, TechOps delivery, etc.
  • In coordination with the Vice President of Product Assurance, address problems discovered in production
  • Oversee Capacity Management and Planning
  • In conjunction with the VP-Communications establish and maintain policies and procedures related to the scope of duties
  • Identify, acquire, and implement tools and methods to support the scope of duties
  • In conjunction with the CFO, manage vendors that support technology operations
  • In conjunction with the Vice-President – Compliance, Security and Risk Management, take warranted action as directed
  • May work virtually

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Production Operations

  • Manage the implementation of all external products and internal custom applications
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance to achieve effective change management
  • Conduct appropriate configuration management of production components
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to manage issues identified in the quality process
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to manage problems identified in the production
  • Provide Demo Sites / Client Portals as needed by Sales
  • Manage Core Service for Scale, Security & Reliability
  • Operationalize Deployment: Deployment Initiation & Closure   
  • Plan for Global Deployments
  • Coordinate with the Vice President – Product Assurance  to produce product documentation

Capacity Management:          

  • Plan for peak registrations and usage
  • Maintain EOQ  (efficient order quantity) for capacity increases
  • Maintain market lead time information to support timely ordering
  • Maintain usage and capacity measurements and forecast needs

Requisite Education/Experience:

  • Minimum of fifteen years’ in technology with roles or related experience as a CTO, VP of Architecture / Engineering, VP of Technology Operations, etc.
  • Preferred but not required, experience with public and private key cryptography, FIDO, PKI, HSM’s, SSH and PGP.
  • Bachelor’s degree (technical degree a plus)
  • Fluent English
  • Excellent architectural and organizational skills

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